These days you find newsletters all over, and most of them have nothing to do with the original meaning of the word newsletter. Now, if you read a little bit about our story, you will remember that we started our business writing a newsletter. And this newsletter became really popular quite quickly.

In those days we charged 1 pound per month. These days our newsletters are free, but they are still much more interesting than most other newsletters.

Each newsletter is really more like a travel tale. We travel 350 days per year, and so we share with you all the things that happen on our travels. We take pictures and videos and really try to document everything. All this information we give to you in our newsletter. There is a mixture between diaries, articles and videos, a mixture that many people find interesting.

This means that our newsletter may serve as a great inspirational tool for those of you who want to go on a special journey. Those of you who want to travel.

Our newsletter consists of an email, and in this email you will find a link to the online version of this newsletter, where we place all the photos and videos. But we also offer a text and image version of the newsletter in a PDF file, that also comes with the email.

If you want to subscribe to our newsletter (it’s free) please just leave your name and email in the form that pops up after you click the button. Then click on the big, green button. This will take you to a thank you page where you will be offered a one time offer of our beautiful book called: “The World Travel Guide”, which is a book we came out with last year, and it has 300 pages of fantastic information about places all over the globe. Also, many beautiful photos and maps. This is a really popular book that many like, if you would like it just tick the box when signing up for our newsletter.

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