Special events


We have several special events each year, and if you subscribe to our newsletter you will get information about each and every one of them. But if you are a little curious about what types of events we arrange, we will have a little look at some examples here.

First of all, remember that we travel a lot, so we are not really that much available in London, where we have our home. But one thing has become a tradition, and that is the Christmas event that we host here in our home town. The event is held at December 30th, and we open up our houser to members of our newsletter list plus people who have travelled with us (most of them are readers of the newsletter, too) and arrange a giant lunch and party that starts at 1200 and goes on to the late hour of the night.

This is a very popular event, and you will meet a lot of our friends and fellow travellers,so you can imagine how many interesting stories you will hear here. We really like to cook, so all the food is prepared by us, and we also serve some decent, but pretty standard, wine. But those who come pay an entrance fee of 30 pounds per person, which includes food. For drinks we recommend you bring a nice bottle, or two (or three) of wine, most people do, and most people stay a long time so we really need the drinks after some time. We also like to play casino games. There are so many fun casino games, not just poker and blackjack, but even baccarat. We also have special trips to various casinos around the world, and people love it. We even have a slot machine in our house!

One of the yearly traditions is a photo presentation of some of our trips that previous year. Let’s call it a highlight of our trips. We used to present this little presentation with an old fashioned slide show projector but these days it is all done with our MacBook, of course. This allows for video, which we have plenty of.

After lunch we serve light snacks all afternoon, and these snacks include small sandwiches, tapas, canapees and salads, in addition to potato crisps and other salty snacks. In the evening we have a tradition of serving warm soup with our famous homemade bread, and those of you who survive until midnight will receive Champagne and real russian caviar served with small, Russian pancakes, blinis, and an absolutely wonderful sour cream from Norway.

You are more than welcome!