Travel 1

We offer some really exciting trips, to some really fascinating locations. We are not just a simple, straightforward travel agency that books your tickets and ships you off, anyway with the internet and all the great booking tools that are available, who needs these types of travel agents?

No, we like to offer guided trips to places that most travellers would not go alone. Places that could be perceived as dangerous (and in many cases they are) or simply difficult to go around. We have been to over 150 countries (and still counting), so you can be certain that we have a wealth of information that may come in real handy.

On the other hand, going on a trip with us does not mean that you will not have some time for yourself. Some places where we go, like the North and South Pole, for example, are extreme examples, and these trips are really group travels. But then we may go to a place like marrakech or Oman, and in those instances we tell everyone that those who wish may stay in a different hotel and do their own things, and those who prefer a little guiding can stick with us. But rest assured, these trips are not one of those desperate guiding excursions where you go all over the place all the time and don’t even have time to breathe.

Some places. We really like India, as we have said, but these days we feel that the country is a bit too crazy with all its tourism, so in speaking about Asia we prefer to go to Cambodia. A great country with some very interesting sites, including some really interesting temples and sites that may question a lot of what we thought we knew about established history.

We also like to go to South America, particularly the south of Argentina, all the way to the tip of the continent, one of the loneliest places on earth, called “terra del fuego” or the fire land. This is just a short plane ride from the South Pole, too. Also, going to the fire land involves taking a rather nice train.


Other places include: Norway, Brazil, Bora Bora, Galapagos, Alaska etc.